83 year old lesbian sues US for discrimination | Pacific Beat

83 year old lesbian sues US for discrimination

83 year old lesbian sues US for discrimination

Updated 28 March 2013, 11:24 AEDT

Same sex marriage in New Zealand has taken another step on the way to becoming law.

New Zealand's Marriage Amendment Bill has passed through its committee stages and now requires just one final vote by MPs.

An amendment that would have clarified whether marriage celebrants would have to conduct same sex marriage ceremonies was defeated by 88 votes to 22.

Meanwhile for a second day, US Supreme Court judges have heard arguments on the divisive issue of same sex marriage.

The hearing is considering whether the US Government can deny benefits to legally married same sex couples.

The plaintiff is an 83-year-old lesbian whose partner of more than four decades died in 2009.

Presenter: Brendan Trembath

Speaker: Edie Windsor, plaintiff; Paul Clement, contitutional lawyer

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