A focus on Australia new 'aid for trade' policy | Pacific Beat

A focus on Australia new 'aid for trade' policy

A focus on Australia new 'aid for trade' policy

Updated 27 February 2014, 11:27 AEDT

With so much focus on Australia's asylum policy, big changes to the Abbott Government's overseas aid program have attracted less attention.

One of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's first steps was to cut the aid budget -- promising more accountability and effective delivery.

"Aid for trade" is the new focus, along with a signature programme known as the "new Colombo plan" which opens the way for Australian students to study at universities across the Asia-Pacific.

Reporter: Catherine McGrath

Speakers: Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Robin Davies, Associate Director of Development Policy Centre at Australia National University; Brett Mason, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs; Tim Costello, World Vision Australia CEO;

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