Amnesty International says conditions on Nauru 'inhumane' | Pacific Beat

Amnesty International says conditions on Nauru 'inhumane'

Amnesty International says conditions on Nauru 'inhumane'

Updated 26 November 2012, 9:56 AEDT

The human rights organisation Amnesty International will hold talks with the Australian government this week, in which it is expected to recommend the closure of the recently opened asylum seeker detention centre on Nauru.

Following last week's visit to Nauru, Amnesty has issued a report saying conditions there are "cruel, inhumane and degrading" and that there is a "climate of anguish" among the men being held there.

Churches, human rights groups and lawyers have also slammed both sides of politics, saying the treatment of asylum seekers and the policy debate have fallen to a new low. Meanwhile the United Nations' refugee Agency is calling for legal principles and compassion to be returned to the asylum seeker debate.

Presenter: Emily Bourke

Speakers: Greg Barns, Australian Lawyers Alliance; Phil Glendenning, President of the Refugee Council of Australia; Mary Anne Kenny, Joint Advisory Committee, Australian government


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