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Aust. Immigration Minister to hold talks in Nauru

Aust. Immigration Minister to hold talks in Nauru

Updated 4 October 2013, 16:23 AEST

Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison will visit Nauru next week.

The Australian immigration detention centre on the island is now home to more than 800 men women and chikldren who have arrived in Australia by boat in the last couple of months.

Mr Morrision will also lead a high level delegation to Jakarta next week to work with Indonesia on Australia's border protection policy.

Presenter:Karen Barlow, Canberra Correspondent

Speaker:Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister, Australia; Commander Air Marshal Mark Binskin, Acting Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders;


" Good afternoon welcome once again to a weekly briefing on Operation Sovereign Borders"

Well it is the second briefing this week with the Immigration Minster Scott Morrison and acting Commander Air Marshal Mark Bin skin .. as there is a public holiday on Monday..

There's also a visit to Nauru nest week scheduled for the Minister.


"This similar visit to PNG last week - further progress operational arrangements with Govt of Nauru, as well as visiting expansion sites - same blunt message. They will not be getting what came for, not coming to Australia."

Since the government was sworn in on the 18th September.. there have been 334 people arriving by boat.. 171 in the past week

Air Marshal Mark Binskin, is the Acting Commander of Operation Sovereign Borders


"As at 9 o'clock today there are 953 people at Manus and 801 people at with an additional 43 in Transit to Nauru. and there were 2263 people at Christmas Island."

Asked about suicide and self harm attempts at the centres, the Minster could not provide an immediate updates..

There have been reports of self harm at Manus.

Scott Morrison wants to speed up the process of voluntary returns to countries of origin from Manus and Nauru.. and has been speaking this week to the International Organisation for Migration ..or IOM.. about increasing its presence.

Security at immigration centres is now also under review.


"To ensure that sufficient resources, processes and infrastructure are in place and to our satisfaction."

Following on from the Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit to Indonesia.. a high level delegation will travel to Jakarta next week to work through Australia's border protection policy.

Despite Indonesian concern about sovereignty.. The Australian Government has promised to turn asylum seeker boats around - when safe to do so.. buy Indonesian fishing boats and pay for Indonesian villagers to inform on people smugglers.''

The Minister says the details are being worked through... but the Coalition's position on dealing with asylum seeker boats has not changed.


" I wish to stress full arsenal measures coalition policy remain available to be deployed by the government - as PM himself said everything remains on the table."

Whatever is decided at the meeting in Jakarta.. no-one outside the room may know.

Scott Morrison says he won't be talking about agreed arrangements .


"Our dialogue, like our operations, will be undertaken with Indonesia with total discretion to ensure the success of that dialogue. They will not - the dialogue I mean - be undertaken through the media.

Last week's boat tragedy of Indonesia's West Java is being investigated.

More than 50 people are believed to have died in rough seas..

Air Marshal Mark Binskin says the Australian Federal Police are supporting their Indonesian counterparts... and both are on an international search.


"AFP and Indonesian National police and POLRE are also co-operating with international partners in Lebanon - the AFP are also making urgent inquiries in Australia any links to this tragedy."

As for the survivors.. according to the Minister their fate in Indonesia is unknown.

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