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Australia helping to build Kokoda teachers college

Australia helping to build Kokoda teachers college

Updated 23 May 2013, 10:53 AEST

Work will start soon on building Papua New Guinea's newest educational facility.

The Kokoda College is to be built near Kou-kou Village on the Kokoda Track, to provide modern training for elementary and primary school teachers and for community health workers.

It's being facilitated by the Australian based Kokoda Track Foundation, which estimates that nearly half a million PNG children don't get any schooling.

Work will begin in the middle of the year, and all going well, the first students will begin classes at the start of next year.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Patrick Lindsay, chairman, Kokoda Track Foundation


Campbell Cooney

Campbell Cooney


Campbell joined the ABC in 1997 and has been reporting as Radio Australia’s Pacific Correspondent since 2006.

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