Australia to help Marshall Islands battle drought | Pacific Beat

Australia to help Marshall Islands battle drought

Australia to help Marshall Islands battle drought

Updated 6 May 2013, 16:40 AEST

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has announced that his government will provide 100,000 dollars for the emergency supply of desalination units for the Marshall Islands, following continued severe droughts which have severely reduced agricultural capacity and risk endangering local lives.

He says the decision is about saving lives and protecting the food supply across the Marshall Islands' northern atolls, and follows a specific request from the Marshall Islands Government.

Senator Carr says an estimated 5,000 people in the northern atolls are experiencing severe drought conditions with an additional 11,000 people affected by continued dry weather and crop loss.

The Marshall Islands, Government is currently carrying out an assessment to determine the drought's impact.

Assisting them are several international relief agencies, including the International Organisation for Migration.

It's Mission Chief Ashley Carl spoke to Geraldine Coutts from Honolulu.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Ashley Carl, the International Organisation for Migration's Mission Chief

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