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Australian state recommends domestic violence case court

Australian state recommends domestic violence case court

Updated 2 March 2015, 17:45 AEDT

Support groups in the Australian state of Queensland have welcomed a domestic violence taskforce report handed down on the weekend which recommends that a specific court be set up for domestic violence cases.

The report was chaired by former Governor General Dame Quentin Bryce and made 140 recommendations, including better services to help and support victims.

Dame Quentin has travelled throughout the state for the past five months speaking to victims and developing recommendations.

In 2013 there were more than 64,000 domestic violence incidents reported in Queensland, more than 12,800 breaches of DV orders, and 17 domestic and family violence related homicides.

Here's a part of a report on one of the information-gathering workshops from December.

Presenter: Stephanie Smail and Nance Haxton

Speaker: Suzanne Utai and Tanya Schott, Logan social workers; Diane Mangan, DV Connect CEO

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