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Australia's first WW1 victory 'boring' & almost forgotten | Pacific Beat

Australia's first WW1 victory 'boring' & almost forgotten

Australia's first WW1 victory 'boring' & almost forgotten

Updated 25 April 2014, 9:26 AEST

On Anzac day today, the focus here in Australia and in New Zealand is largely on commemorating events that took place in Europe, on the western front and at Gallopoli.

But Australia's involvement in the Pacific during World War One is generally overlooked.

It began in what was then German New Guinea in 1914, and Dr Christine Winter, a Senior Research Fellow at Sydney University, says the success of that campaign, and the low number of casualties might explain why so little is known about it.

Presenter: Catherine Graue

Speaker: Dr Christine Winter, Senior Research Fellow, University of Sydney

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