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Australia's floods reduce sugar crop's export potential | Pacific Beat

Australia's floods reduce sugar crop's export potential

Australia's floods reduce sugar crop's export potential

Updated 30 January 2013, 18:31 AEDT

The flood crisis in north-eastern Australia is continuing, although the major river systems in both Queensland and New South Wales are starting to receed.

A big clean up operation is underway in the disaster zones, but many areas are without power and thousands of residents are displaced.

Fuel supplies are also running low in some communities and there are serious concerns about clean water supplies.

The floods have deal a heavy blow to Australia's sugar industry in Queensland's Bundaberg area and that could have international repercussions.

Emily Bourke reports.

Presenter: Emily Bourke

Speaker: Sugar canegrowers, Geoff Aikinson, Tony Castro. Canegrowers body, Steve Greenwood, Alex Livingstone Grocom


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