Australia's treatment of gay refugees criticised | Pacific Beat

Australia's treatment of gay refugees criticised

Australia's treatment of gay refugees criticised

Updated 26 June 2014, 17:19 AEST

Human rights advocates are asking the United Nations Human Rights Council to condemn the Australian government's treatment of gay asylum seekers.

The Human Rights Law Centre in Australia says the government is breaching its international obligations by sending gay asylum seekers to its detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

In PNG homosexual acts are illegal and punishable by jail sentences of up to 14 years.

The Centre's director of legal advocacy Daniel Webb says they've sent a statement to the Human Rights Council asking it, and its member nations, to condemn the move and urge Australia not to shirk its responsibilities to refugees.

Presenter: Liam Fox

Speaker: Daniel Webb, Human Rights Law Centre

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