Chaos reigns in Vanuatu politics, again. | Pacific Beat

Chaos reigns in Vanuatu politics, again.

Chaos reigns in Vanuatu politics, again.

Updated 28 February 2014, 9:52 AEDT

It is still uncertain who will be the Prime Minister of Vanuatu next week.

Tomorrow the parliament is set to debate a motion of no confidence in prime minister, Moana Carcasses Kalosil. Earlier today the opposition was claiming it had a majority of 27 MPs with four of its members refusing an offer from the PM of a ministry. Since then four members of the Opposition have defected, giving their support to prime minister Carcasses.

They are Stephen Kalsakau from Reunification of Moderate Parties, Paul Telukluk from Reunification of Moderate Parties, Willie Jimmy from Vanuatu Liberal and Democratic Party and Tony Wright from the Union of Moderate Parties. Mr Kalsakau has been appointed as new minister of climate change, Mr Jimmy as new minister of Trade, Mr Telukluk as new minister of internal affairs and Mr Wright has been re-appointed to the ministry of Youth and Sports. In this change this afternoon, Mr Carcasses has removed Christophe Emmelee from internal affairs to become new minister of Justice. This surprise change this afternoon also saw Mr Carcasses terminate Mr Daniel Toara as minister of Trade in order to accommodate Mr Jimmy in his cabinet.

Mr Jimmy who lead the four MPs to join Mr Carcasses this afternoon said that they decided to move to the government because they find out that was another negotiation underway within the opposition that would exclude then from any government it formed.

Presenter: Hilaire Bule
Speakers: Jeff Batunvanu, Opposition spokesman, Willie Jimmy, new Vanuatu minister for Trade

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