Claims of a major fraud that's exploiting PNG's jungles | Pacific Beat

Claims of a major fraud that's exploiting PNG's jungles

Claims of a major fraud that's exploiting PNG's jungles

Updated 22 August 2013, 10:08 AEST

New research into the growth of Papua New Guinea's Palm Oil industry has alleged most of the land being cleared, for the stated purpose of planting plantations, is being used as a cover for logging operations.

The research paper is called "Oil Palm and Deforestration in Papua New Guinea, and it was co-written by scientists and researchers from Australia and PNG, and it has put forward evidence that under the cover of what are called "Special Agricultural and Business Leases" better known as SABL's, logging companies are exploiting a loophole in the current ban on the export of natural timber logs.

Under the SABL's land can be cleared, and the logs exported, if the purpose of the clearing is to plant Palm Oil plants.

Over the internet, one of the lead writers of the papers, Dr Paul Nelson from James Cook University explained to Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney, how the scam is working.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Dr Paul Nelson from James Cook University in Cairns


Campbell Cooney

Campbell Cooney


Campbell joined the ABC in 1997 and has been reporting as Radio Australia’s Pacific Correspondent since 2006.

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