Closure of Solomon Islands evacuation centres delayed | Pacific Beat

Closure of Solomon Islands evacuation centres delayed

Closure of Solomon Islands evacuation centres delayed

Updated 16 June 2014, 18:05 AEST

Solomon Islands disaster officials have delayed plans to close the remaining evacuation centres which were opened after the April floods.

The floods left thousands homeless, many of who were living in squatter settlements close to the rivers and waterways around the capital Honiara.

But nearly two months later well over a thousand people are still in emergency accomodation, some with nowhere to return to, and others who are refusing to leave until they receive compensation, something the government is refusing to do.

Last week the National Disaster Council set a deadline for the closure of the remaining centres to allow them to be used for the intended purpose such as local halls and schools.

But the Director of the Council Loti Yates says they have had to extend that deadline to this coming weekend.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Professor Stephen Howes, Pacific Development Centre

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