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Community radio a focus for Femlink initiative

Community radio a focus for Femlink initiative

Updated 13 February 2014, 10:04 AEDT

Despite the steady growth of alternative media, radio remains the best way to reach the biggest audience around the world.

It's relatively cheap, accessible to those in remote communities; and a great way for communicating with people who can't read.

For many areas of the Pacific, community radio continues to have a big impact, particularly for women.

For many years, Femlink Pacific has been running a range of community media initiatives to get more women on the airwaves and to boost their standing in the community.

On World Radio Day today, Heather Jarvis is speaking to Frances Tawaki who is responsible for Femlink Pacific's regional network.

Presenter: Heather Jarvis

Speaker: Frances Tawaki, from Femlink Pacific's Rural and Regional network in Fiji


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