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Cooks MP compares Fiji to Idi Amin's Uganda | Pacific Beat

Cooks MP compares Fiji to Idi Amin's Uganda

Cooks MP compares Fiji to Idi Amin's Uganda

Updated 31 January 2013, 20:48 AEDT

Cook Islands prime minister Henry Puna is being criticised for being too soft on the coup installed military government in Fiji.

The attack comes from Cook islands MP and former speaker of parliament, Norman George.

He tells Bruce Hill that what is happening in Fiji reminds him of Uganda under Idi Amin, and tougher sanctions are needed.

Henry Puna, as Cook Islands prime minister, is also chair of the Pacific Islands Forum this year.

He declined to respond to Mr George's comments and the Fiji government also refused to comment.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Cook Islands MP Norman George


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