Dolphin slaughter continues in Solomon Islands | Pacific Beat

Dolphin slaughter continues in Solomon Islands

Dolphin slaughter continues in Solomon Islands

Updated 29 January 2013, 18:03 AEDT

The slaughter of dolphins in Malaita in the Solomon Islands' has continued with the killing of a further 300 late last week.

The islanders slaughtered 700 earlier this month, breaking a two-year-old agreement with a conservation group.

The American Earth Island Institute had stopped the annual slaughter in exchange for money to replace income the villagers earned from the sale of teeth and meat.

The Institute says all of the money was paid, but the villager's association says some of it went to unapproved third parties.

The Fanalei Village Association Chairman, Atkin Fakaia, is in Honiara.

Bethany Keats asked his if there have been any negotiations with the conservationists.

Presenter: Bethany Keats

Speaker: Atkin Fakaia The Fanalei Village Association Chairman

Environment:Endangered and Protected Species

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