Drought fears in Palau as El Nino develops | Pacific Beat

Drought fears in Palau as El Nino develops

Drought fears in Palau as El Nino develops

Updated 13 June 2014, 9:45 AEST

The chances of Palau being affected by another El Nino weather pattern are rising, and that's raising fears of another horror year like 1998 when the country had to endure a prolonged drought.

Also making news in that part of the Pacific, talks on air links between Palau and Papua New Guinea, and a special award for the country recognising the government's efforts to discourage people from smoking.

But first journalist Bernadette Carreon in Koror considers the prospect of El Nino, ironically as you'll hear, with torrential rain falling in the background.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Bernadette Carreon, journalist, Palau


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