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Early dividends from NZ psychoactive drug market

Early dividends from NZ psychoactive drug market

Updated 27 March 2014, 10:02 AEDT

The New Zealand Government says its radical new approach to controlling psychoactive substances is paying early dividends.

.. Fewer drugs, fewer retailers, and less damage to health.

Last year, New Zealand became the first country in the world to establish a regulated, licensed market for new psychoactive drugs.

The country's parliament came to the conclusion that the prohibition model... now favoured by many governments... simply wasn't keeping pace with emergence of new drugs.

Presenter: Dominique Schwartz, ABC New Zealand correspondent

Speaker: Chris Fouly, retailer; Peter Dunne, Associate Health Minister, New Zealand; Leo Schep, NZ National Poisons Centre; Grant Hall, Legal Highs Industry spokesman; Ethan Nadelmann, Drug Policy Alliance;

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