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East Timor's first Olympic Skier

East Timor's first Olympic Skier

Updated 8 January 2014, 9:32 AEDT

There's no snow in East Timor but that isn't stopping one young man from that tropical nation competing in the winter Olympics.

Yohan Gon-zalves Goutt is the first East Timorese to qualify in his own right as an Olympic athlete and not as a wild card contender. He will compete in the slalom event next month in Russia. With a world ranking of 3,606, he's unlikely to be taking home the gold. But in support of Yohan's bid, friends recently formed the Australian-Timor Leste Winter Olympic Association.

Presenter: Karon Snowdon.

Bill Zammit, Australian Timor Leste Winter Olympic Association.

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