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Employers criticise Tonga's proposed employment laws

Employers criticise Tonga's proposed employment laws

Updated 13 May 2013, 18:20 AEST

The Tongan Government is facing an uphill battle to introduce some form of employment regulation in the Kingdom.

Various governments have tried and failed to bring in industrial relations laws since the 1980s, and none currently exist in Tonga.

The government has extended its consultation period for the proposed legislation after uproar from the Tongan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which says the terms are far too generous towards workers.

Their main concern is the government's proposed holiday entitlements.

T-C-C-I President Aloma Johansson says as the bill stands, it's going to cripple Tongan businesses.

Presenter: Timothy Pope

Speaker: Aloma Johansson, President of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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