Fiji and forum exchange barbs over trade talks | Pacific Beat

Fiji and forum exchange barbs over trade talks

Fiji and forum exchange barbs over trade talks

Updated 13 December 2013, 17:24 AEDT

A clash between the Fiji interim government and the Pacific Forum Secretariat is threatening to overshadow an important regional meeting on trade.

The meeting in the Solomon islands capital, Honiara, is betweeen the Pacific ACP nations and the European Union.

Papua New Guinea did not turn up at all, and Fiji walked out when the talks began on Wednesday this week.

The Forum Secretariat which organised the meeting said no country objected to it being held, but Fiji insists they did.

The Attorney-General and Minister for Industry and Trade in Fiji's coup installed military government, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said the PACP countries needed to meet without the EU's presence or pressure from the Forum Secretariat.

The Forum Secretary General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, has responded with a strong press statement.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, Pacific director of New Zealand's Massey University

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