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Fiji debates legalising prostitution

Fiji debates legalising prostitution

Updated 29 November 2012, 18:46 AEDT

A debate about the legalisation of sex work is continuing in Fiji, after a senior government official was quoted as saying, health authorities are calling for changes to the law.

But the Fiji interim government insists that no such change is planned.

A number of Hindu and Christian priests oppose legalisation on religious and moral grounds.

However, at least one Methodist minister says legalisation will protect prostitutes because it will give them access to health advice and counselling.

The Co-ordinator of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, Shamima Ali, discussed the issues with Clement Paligaru.

Presenter: Clement Paligaru

Speaker: Shamima Ali, Co-ordinator of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre


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