Fiji village finds date from 'tribal fighting' era | Pacific Beat

Fiji village finds date from 'tribal fighting' era

Fiji village finds date from 'tribal fighting' era

Updated 12 June 2013, 8:58 AEST

An archaeological survey has uncovered two village sites which date back 500 years on an island off Lautoka in Fiji.

The survey found clear evidence of people once living at the site.

Villagers familiar with the area wanted the survey to verify stories passed down through the generations.

Fiji Museum's head of history and archaeology, Elia Nakoro says that both sites are still in good condition, with the oldest site linked to ancestral origins to a group of local communities.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Elia Nakoro, head of history and archaelogy, Fiji Musuem

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