Fijians arrive for AFL International Cup | Pacific Beat

Fijians arrive for AFL International Cup

Fijians arrive for AFL International Cup

Updated 8 August 2014, 17:49 AEST

Aussie Rules football may be a uniquely Australian sport but teams from around the Pacific and the world are arriving in Melbourne for the Australian Football League's International Cup.

Among them are a mens and womens team from Fiji.

While rugby union is far and away the dominant sport in Fiji there are now four teams playing in an Aussie Rules competition in Suva.

The men's captain Alipate Savai Navuso, the women's captain Siteri Matani Tadrau and their coach Myke "Ted" Leahy joined Liam Fox for a chat ahead of the start of the International Cup.

Siteri begins by saying she's looking forward to visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the spiritual home of Aussie Rules football.

Speaker: Liam Fox

Speakers: Alipate Savai Navuso, Fiji men's captain; Siteri Matani Tadrau, Fiji women's captain; Myke "Ted" Leahy, Fiji coach

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