Fiji's media laws outlines to local reporters | Pacific Beat

Fiji's media laws outlines to local reporters

Fiji's media laws outlines to local reporters

Updated 9 October 2013, 20:46 AEDT

Fiji's Media Industry and Development Authority has briefed local reporters and media outlets about what it can expect now that the country has a new constitution.

The authority was created in 2010, to police a media decree of the military backed regime.

While Fiji's leaders described the decree as setting media freedom and standards in stone, others declared it was using new rules to enforce censorship.

Now the Media Authority, says it wants to change that perception.

But as Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney reports, it has also confirmed many of the regulations it will enforce on Fiji's media will be extended to overseas journalists, news organisations and media training initiatives.

Presenter:Campbell Cooney, Pacific Correspondent

Speaker:Ashwin Raj, chairman, Media Industry and Development Authority, Fiji; Ricardo Morris, coordinator, Pacific Freedom Forum;


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