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French Polynesians pushing for UN re-listing

French Polynesians pushing for UN re-listing

Updated 15 February 2013, 10:11 AEDT

French Polynesia is moving closer to being re-listed by the United Nations as a colony seeking independence.

It was on that list from 1945 to 1947 before France had removed.

Richard Tuheiava , the senator for French Polynesia in the French parliament, is a member of Tavini, the independentist party led by Oscar Temaru, the current President of the French Polynesian.

The senator is one of the main advocate of French Polynesia's re-listing.

Presenter: Caroline Lafargue

Speaker: Richard Tuheiava , senator for French Polynesian in the French parliament


Caroline Lafargue

Caroline Lafargue


Caroline Lafargue, journaliste et présentatrice, a quitté les rédactions parisiennes pour Radio Australie en 2009, attirée par la dernière frontière médiatique, cette Océanie surnommée “le continent invisible”.

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