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Health check on Barrier Reef after cyclone Yasi | Pacific Beat

Health check on Barrier Reef after cyclone Yasi

Health check on Barrier Reef after cyclone Yasi

Updated 20 December 2012, 9:13 AEDT

Cyclone Yasi caused massive damage to Australia's Great Barrier Reef two years ago.

Corals were cleared similar to sandblasting as the cyclone swept ashore in north Queensland destroying the habitat of fish and orther marine life.

A robotic submarine has just set out from Townsville to check on the recovery of the badly damaged areas.

It will take photographs, including of outer areas of the reef where the corals extend down to depths of 150 metres.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Dr Tom Bridge, James Cook University's ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies


Bruce Hill

Bruce Hill


Bruce is one of the Pacific’s most experienced journalists with nearly 20 years covering the region and has won several international awards.

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