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Helen Clark still breaking down barriers

Helen Clark still breaking down barriers

Updated 30 December 2013, 7:43 AEDT

In 2008, Helen Clarke resigned as New Zealand's Prime Minister.

She survived at the top for three terms, seeking to break down barriers along the way.

Five years later, she's in a very different job but she's still breaking down barriers along the way.

This year she was re-appointed as global leader of the UN's Development Program or the UNDP - the third highest position in the United Nations and she's the first woman to hold the position.

Geraldine Doogue caught up with Mrs Clark to find out what it's been like moving from national to global policy (She claims one of the biggest differences is the commute).

It was apparently about 400 miles to drive to work from Auckland to Wellington where as now she can walk to work from her home to New York.

Presenter: Geraldine Doogue

Speaker: Helen Clark, Director, UNDP and Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

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