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Impeachment still faces Marianas Governor

Impeachment still faces Marianas Governor

Updated 14 November 2012, 11:46 AEDT

The Governor of the Northern Marianas is facing impeachment next year, now his opponents have confirmed they have the numbers following last week's elections.

A previous attempt to topple Benigno Fitial over 16 allegations of felony, corruption and neglect of duty failed earlier this year.

But the election result has strengthened the position of those seeking to remove Governor Fitial, and previous House Minority Leader, Joe Delon Guerrero, says his group will succeed in their mission.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Joe Delon Guerrero from the Independent Republican group in the CNMI Congress


GUERRERO: The result is overwhelming. The group that I ran with we call ourselves the Independent Republicans. We had 12 candidates, all 12 won. We had a coalition with Covenant Party candidates. They had four candidates, four that won, so in total we have 16 now. And yes when we do come back in after the inauguration it is our intent to push forward with the impeachment introduction of the resolution for impeach, and push forward with the impeachment proceeding. I'd like to say that members of the Senate, the other House, the Upper House also have the numbers, so it does look like we will be able to push this thing forward …
COONEY: What's the concerns that you have with the Governor?
GUERRERO: There's 16 articles of impeachment ranging from neglect to corruption to felony, commission of felonies. The largest or the most important ones are the corruptions and the neglect of duty.
COONEY: When does the House come back in? When do you start sitting?
GUERRERO: Inauguration will be on January 14th in which new leadership will take over and immediately after that the House may convene and call sessions. During the first session we will reintroduce that resolution.
COONEY: Are you confident that your numbers will stay and your support will stay as it is right up to that inauguration, you are confident of that?
GUERRERO: Yes, yes we're very confident of that.
COONEY: There is going to be a fairly significant change in the government in Saipan?
GUERRERO: That's correct. Our constitution will state that if the Governor's removed the independent Governor will assume that office, and Senate President will assume the Lieutenant Governor's office.

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