Indigenous Olympian prepares for Australian Senate | Pacific Beat

Indigenous Olympian prepares for Australian Senate

Indigenous Olympian prepares for Australian Senate

Updated 1 February 2013, 11:00 AEDT

Indigenous Australian Olympian Nova Peris says she's back on the starting blocks ready for her new role as a federal Labor candidate.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's plan to make Ms Peris Australia's first Indigenous woman in federal parliament hasn't been without controversy - but it's now looking more certain after the ALP National Executive endorsed the former athlete to run for a safe seat in the Senate.

Nova Peris has said she understands the problems faced by many Indigenous people and will do her best to help improve their lives. But she admits Labor will have to work hard to win back the Indigenous voters in outback seats who've turned away from the party in recent elections

Presenter: Sara Everingham

Speaker: Nova Peris, Olympian and Australian Labor candidate

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