Lawyer 'shocked & confronted' by conditions on Manus | Pacific Beat

Lawyer 'shocked & confronted' by conditions on Manus

Lawyer 'shocked & confronted' by conditions on Manus

Updated 24 March 2014, 13:39 AEDT

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott's weekend visit to Papua New Guinea coincided with moves by the PNG Government to close down a judicial inquiry into the Australian detention centre on Manus Island.

National Court Justice David Cannings launched the investigaion into potential human rights abuses following last month's violence at the centre in which asylum seeker Reza Berati was killed and dozens of others injured.

But before the Government secured an injunction to halt the inquiry .... Justice Cannings visited the Manus compound where he took testimony from 11 asylum seekers about their treatment.

The judge is being assisted by Australian lawyer Daniel Webb from the Human Rights Law Centre who was also given rare access to the Detention Centre.

Presenter:Alison Carabine

Speaker:Daniel Webb, lawyer, Human Rights Law Centre

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