Marshallese film to hit LA | Pacific Beat

Marshallese film to hit LA

Marshallese film to hit LA

Updated 28 March 2013, 11:30 AEDT

American audiences are set to witness the human impact of US nuclear testing in the Pacific with a Marshallese film to premiere at the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The Sound of Crickets at Night, tells the story of a family living in exile in Majuro after being displaced by nuclear testing on Bikini atoll.

Filmed entirely in the Marshalls, it features local actors speaking in Marshallese.

The films director was told by festival organisers that his movie is "one of the films we want to watch".

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speakers: Jack Niedenthal, Co-writer, Co-director, Co-producer, The Sound of Crickets at Night

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