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Mini-budget may be necessary in Australia - Xenophon | Pacific Beat

Mini-budget may be necessary in Australia - Xenophon

Mini-budget may be necessary in Australia - Xenophon

Updated 4 June 2014, 8:38 AEST

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott will head to Indonesia this morning to begin almost a fortnight overseas, leaving his senior colleagues with the unenviable task of trying to increase support for the budget.

The Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is predicting the Government might be forced to announce a mini-budget later this year, because it's struggling to find enough Senate votes for some crucial measures.

Another Independent, the Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie is so opposed to the Government's economic plan that he's calling for the parliament to block supply, which could bring on a new election.

Presenter: Naomi Woodley

Speaker: Andrew Wilkie, Tasmanian Independent MP; Senator Nick Xenophon, South Australian Independent;

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