Mynah Bird eradication continues in Cook Islands | Pacific Beat

Mynah Bird eradication continues in Cook Islands

Mynah Bird eradication continues in Cook Islands

Updated 15 February 2013, 18:03 AEDT

The people of island of Atiu in the Cook Islands say they're confident they will soon successfully eradicate all Mynah Birds.

The Mynah Bird has become a pest in many areas of the Pacific and elsewhere where it has been introduced, due to its aggressive behaviour towards native animals.

For the past three years Atiu has been running its eradication program, with estimates they have killed over 20 thousand of them.

And with the end of the breeding program work is now underway to lessen the numbers even more before September, when breeding will start again.

Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney reports.

Presenter:Campbell Cooney

Speaker: Gerald McCormack from the Cook Islands Natural Trust, Roger Malcolm, Atiu islands tourism operator

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