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Next round of Trans Pacific partnership next week | Pacific Beat

Next round of Trans Pacific partnership next week

Next round of Trans Pacific partnership next week

Updated 30 November 2012, 18:26 AEDT

The next round of talks in the development of the Trans Pacific Partnership, or T-P-P are due to start in New Zealand next week.

There's disquiet in a number of sectors in Australia about the implications of the deal and that includes the local sugar industry.

The ABC's Cathy Van Extel filed this special report.

Presenter: Cathy Van Extel

Speaker: Alf Cristaudo, chairman, Australian Sugar Industry Alliance

Dr Patricia Ranald, Research fellow, University of Sydney; and Convenor, Australia Fair trade and Investment Network Dr Matthew Rimmer, Future Fellow, Australian Research Council; and Associate Professor, ANU College of Law

Bryan Clark, Director, Trade and International Relations, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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