NRL teams hunting PNG Hunters stars | Pacific Beat

NRL teams hunting PNG Hunters stars

NRL teams hunting PNG Hunters stars

Updated 9 April 2014, 9:46 AEST

The latest player to make the jump from the PNG Hunters to the National Rugby League in Australia has spent his first day training with his new club.

And by all accounts Cronulla Sharks' recruit, Mark Mexico, put on an impressive display.

His transfer was managed by Steve Deacon, who has been chosen by the Hunters' as their preferred agent, and the man to guide players who are unfamiliar with the potential pitfalls of rugby league at the highest level.

Deacon says he took a softly-softly approach with the Mexico deal, until an offer was on the table.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Steve Deacon, preferred players agent, PNG Hunters

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