NZ soldiers end mission with RAMSI | Pacific Beat

NZ soldiers end mission with RAMSI

NZ soldiers end mission with RAMSI

Updated 29 November 2012, 18:43 AEDT

The New Zealand Defence Force is withdrawing from the Solomon Islands, nearly 10 years after joining the Regional Assistance Mission.

The last platoon was officially farewelled from their base in Honiara today, in a final rotation with their Australian counterparts before flying home tomorrow.

The platoon is the 16th from New Zealand to have been on active service with RAMSI since the Australian led force was deployed to restore peace after several years of civil conflict.

The Deputy special co-ordinator of the mission, Wayne Higgins described the event to Steve Rice.

Presenter: Steve Rice

Speaker: Deputy special co-ordinator of RAMSI, Wayne Higgins

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