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Oceanographer questions analysis of PNG seafloor mine data | Pacific Beat

Oceanographer questions analysis of PNG seafloor mine data

Oceanographer questions analysis of PNG seafloor mine data

Updated 8 November 2012, 18:58 AEDT

An Australian scientist has raised further concerns about the environmental impact statement for the world's first seafloor mine off New Ireland in Papua New Guinea.

The Canadian company, Nautilus Minerals, is set to begin mining operations at the Solwara One Project next year, despite concerns from people in the New Ireland region about cloudy water, dead tuna, and a lack of response of sharks to an age old tradition of shark calling.

John Luick an oceanographer from Austides Consulting - a firm which works on mining projects around the world - was engaged by the Deep Sea Mining Campaign to examine part of the environmental impact statement.

Dr Luick told Alexandra Wake, he found nothing wrong with the field work, but has major concerns with the quality of the scientific analysis, particularly as it relates to currents and the dispersion of mine waste material.

Presenter: Alexandra Wake,

Speaker:Dr John Luick, the general manager of Austides Consulting, who completed the report for the Deep Sea Mining Campaign

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