OFC accused of thwarting Tuvalu's FIFA bid | Pacific Beat

OFC accused of thwarting Tuvalu's FIFA bid

OFC accused of thwarting Tuvalu's FIFA bid

Updated 13 December 2013, 9:31 AEST

The Oceania Football Confederation is being accused of trying to thwart Tuvalu's campaign to join FIFA.

By becoming a member, Tuvalu would be eligible to compete in the World Cup and the Oceania Cup, and would also be in line for development funding.

For the last four years their campaign has been backed by a group of sympathisers from the Netherlands who call themselves the Dutch Support Tuvalu Foundation.

It's founder, Paul Driessen, is now working for the Tuvalu Football Association, and he says the OFC appears to be less than enthusiastic about another Pacific nation joining the FIFA family.

Presenter:Richard Ewart

Speaker:Paul Driessen, founder, Dutch Support Tuvalu Foundation.

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