Ok Tedi mine workers on strike in PNG | Pacific Beat

Ok Tedi mine workers on strike in PNG

Ok Tedi mine workers on strike in PNG

Updated 31 October 2013, 18:36 AEDT

Union officials in Papua New Guinea say about 1,000 workers gone on strike at the OK Tedi mine.

Union official John Babinyaba says workers are concerned they could be facing forced redundancies at the end of the year.

With the government forcibly taking 100 percent control of the mine last month, Ok Tedi faces an uncertain future and there are rumblings its 6,000 strong work force of full time employees and contractors, will be downsized significantly.

In the past the mine has allowed workers to take voluntary redundancies.

Mr Babinyaba says workers are confused and very concerned that if they are forced to leave, they will receive significantly less in benefits than those who volunteered to resign.

He told Bethany Keats the workers have written to PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill about the situation and are waiting for a response.

Presenter: Bethany Keats

Speaker: John Babinyaba, Union official

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