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Pacific courts suffering from poor legal education | Pacific Beat

Pacific courts suffering from poor legal education

Pacific courts suffering from poor legal education

Updated 28 January 2013, 9:41 AEDT

Across the Pacific, there are far fewer lawyers per capita compared to countries like Australia and New Zealand.

And the quality of the region's lawyers has also been called into question by the chief justice in Solomon Islands, Albert Palmer, who issued a stinging statement last week on the state of the legal profession in the Pacific.

Mr Palmer told SIBC that says young law graduates are entering the profession without enough training or mentoring, and that the poor quality of their professional training is being reflected in their legal submissions and advocacy.

But Ross Ray QC, the chair of the South Pacific Lawyers Association, has a different take on the status quo.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts

Speaker: Ross Ray QC, Chair, South Pacific Lawyers Association


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