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Pacific in the middle of a technological revolution

Pacific in the middle of a technological revolution

Updated 22 November 2012, 12:11 AEST

A report from the Lowy Institute says the Pacific Islands are in the midst of an information and communications technology revolution that will have profound implications, particularly for democratic governance and the region's development.

The Sydney based think-tank estimates that around six out of ten Pacific Islanders now have access to a mobile phone, and numbers continue to climb.

And the report says Mobile Internet is leapfrogging obvious barriers to Internet access, such as geographical remoteness, financial cost and availability, and as a result the use of social media in the Pacific is expanding fast.

The author of the Lowy report, Danielle Cave, say her findings are based on an extended period of research.

Presenter: Geraldine Coutts
Speaker: Danielle Cave, Lowy Institute


Geraldine Coutts

Geraldine Coutts


Geraldine is a respected voice on issues in the Pacific and is the presenter of our morning Pacific Beat  program.

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