PNG pegged to host League World Cup matches | Pacific Beat

PNG pegged to host League World Cup matches

PNG pegged to host League World Cup matches

Updated 21 February 2014, 12:05 AEDT

Australia and New Zealand have been named joint host nations for the Rugby League World Cup in 2017.

Apparently as part of the Pacific bid, it was suggested PNG would host two games with another played in possibly Fiji or Samoa.

However there is confusion about whether that will still happen, with the Australian Rugby League telling Pacific Beat, it knows nothing about this.

Presenter: Brendan Arrow

Speaker: Phil Holden, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Rugby League

HOLDEN: We're absolutely stoked, it's been a lot of hard work over the last six months and to have that bid confirmed late last night was just amazing.
ARROW: However, there is some confusion about whether other countries in the Pacific may directly be involved in hosting the tournament.
According to Mr Holden, part of the joint bid, included games being played in Papua New Guinea.
HOLDEN: Well, that was one of the things that we put forward in our presentation in November, so definitely Papua New Guinea will be hosting a couple of games and then one of the other things that we floated as part of our presentation was the prospect of playing a game in either Fiji or Samoa, for example. The logistics of that still need to be worked through, but it was something that was on our radar screen and a part of our presentation.
ARROW: But, when contacted for comment, a spokesman from the Australian National Rugby League says he was unaware any decision had a been made where games will be played.
He said a tender process for towns wanting to host games would take place in the future.
Despite the confusion, Mr Holden says hosting the World Cup in the region will be a massive boost to the sport.
HOLDEN: Certainly, for us here in New Zealand and I think in the broader Pacific Rim, it's a tremendous honour and achievement to actually hold a pinnacle event such as this. By the time that tournament rolls around, it will be quite a sophisticated infrastructure and organisation, so tenders just fuelling the current momentum we're enjoying for the rugby league in our part of the world, it just can't be undervalued I guess. It's tremendous.

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