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PNG PM announces full cabinet membership

PNG PM announces full cabinet membership

Updated 10 August 2012, 17:29 AEST

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has announced his full 33 member cabinet two days after swearing in the ministers this week.

He has appointed Leo Dion as his Deputy, and one of the three women MPs, Loujaya Toni Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development.

Leader of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment-THE party, the second highest coalition partner, Don Polye has been appointed Treasurer.

Mr O'Neill has described his cabinet as ''A team of young leaders mixed with seasoned politicians'' and the portfolios have been distributed fairly.

PNG's Institute of National Affairs, a research think-tank, Director Paul Barker says the ministerial line up is good.

He's told our reporter, Firmin Nanol, some of the new faces are experienced and ''Next generation leaders'' who will perform as ministers.

Presenter: Firmin Nanol

Speaker:The Director of the Institute of National Affairs, Paul Barker

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