PNG touch rugby team on track for Masters gold | Pacific Beat

PNG touch rugby team on track for Masters gold

PNG touch rugby team on track for Masters gold

Updated 8 October 2013, 18:33 AEDT

The Australian Masters Games underway in the Victorian city of Geelong are for people who love their sport.

The Masters Games is a sporting competition with a minimum age requirement for all participants - the exact age is different for every sport but it is usually around 30 years.

One team making a repeat appearance at the Australian Masters Games is the Ariku Bay Sharks from Papua New Guinea - they're unbeaten after eight games in the touch rugby competition... and are looking at a gold medal.

Bethany Keats caught up with team coach Nixon Roa after they defeated the Parramatta Pirates from Sydney 6 - 5 and before they defeated the South Australian team, the Spitting Camels 16 to 6.

Presenter:Bethany Keats

Speaker:Nixon Roa, coach, Ariku Bay Sharks, PNG; Pat Nolan, captain, Parramatta Pirates

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