PNG union leader wants Speaker out over 'desecration' | Pacific Beat

PNG union leader wants Speaker out over 'desecration'

PNG union leader wants Speaker out over 'desecration'

Updated 12 December 2013, 17:42 AEDT

A trade union leader in Papua New Guinea has called for the Speaker of Parliament to either resign, be sacked, or be arrested by police for destroying several carved heads at the entrance to parliament house.

Speaker Theo Zurenoc had the carved heads on the lintel of the building taken down and chopped up with a chainsaw because he reportedly regards them as ungodly images and idols.

John Paska says the Speaker must go one way or another, or people could stage demonstrations and marches against him.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: John Paska, PNG Trade Union Congress general secretary

We've attempted to get a response from Theo Zurenoc. We hope to bring you that in the near future.

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