PNG's Taskforce Sweep head off the payroll | Pacific Beat

PNG's Taskforce Sweep head off the payroll

PNG's Taskforce Sweep head off the payroll

Updated 5 September 2014, 17:08 AEST

The head of Papua New Guinea's anti-corruption agency has been removed from the payroll.

The move comes two-and-a-half months after an arrest warrant was served on the country's Prime Minister for corruption, using information gathered by Taskforce Sweep.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill shut down the Task Force but was forced by a court order to reinstate it.

The Taskforce's chairman Sam Koim says he doesn't want to make a fuss about his salary and says he will continue working, even without pay.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker: Liam Cochrane, PNG correspondent, Sam Koim, chairman of PNG's Task Force Sweep

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