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Positive signs for accused witches in PNG Highlands

Positive signs for accused witches in PNG Highlands

Updated 14 January 2015, 17:26 AEDT

Attempts to convince people in a remote part of Papua New Guinea not to harm four women accused of being witches is to be made this weekend.

A group of nine people from Wanakipa, near the Hewa language area of Enga province, will travel into the area to convince local people that the witch finder, or glassman, has retracted her accusations and now says she was pressured into making them.

Organisers are also hoping that government and police representatuives will join the church and community leaders taking part.

It's hoped it could culminate with a ceremonial breaking of spears used to kill people, followed by a gift of spears to hunt animals for food.

A Lutheran missionary in the Highlands, Anton Lutz, tells Bruce Hill there are positive signs that local people are realising that killing alleged witches is wrong, and that many people outside their remote area are aware of what has been happening.

Presenter: Bruce Hill

Speaker:Lutheran missionary in the PNG Highlands, Anton Lutz

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