Rabaul Queen investigation to finish next week | Pacific Beat

Rabaul Queen investigation to finish next week

Rabaul Queen investigation to finish next week

Updated 30 August 2013, 16:53 AEST

The Papua New Guinea Police team investigating the sinking of the "Rabaul Queen" have so far arrested and charged six people in relation to the tragedy.

In January last year the passenger ferry sank while enroute to Lae from the New Britain Province of PNG, killing over 150 people.

The police investigation, and the charges, come nearly 12 months after the completion of a commission of inquiry into the sinking, and so far the owner of the shipping company, the ship's captain, key members of the crew and other staff have been arrested.

Heading up the 15 man investigation team is Chief Inspector Benjamin Turi, and this week they have been in New Britain.

Next week they will be in Madang, where they expect to make more arrests, before finishing the investigation next week.

Chief Inspector Turi spoke with Pacific Correspondent Campbell Cooney from outside Kokopo.

Presenter: Campbell Cooney

Speaker: PNG Police Chief Inspector Benjamin Turi

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