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Reaction to PNG sorcery murder

Reaction to PNG sorcery murder

Updated 8 February 2013, 19:48 AEDT

There's been yet another barbaric sorcery killing in Papua New Guinea.

A young women was doused in petrol and burnt alive on a main street in one of the country's biggest towns.

The lynch mob accused her of using black magic to kill a young boy.

For a local reaction to the murder, Heather Jarvis spoke to Ume Wainetti in Port Moresby.

Ume has worked for many years in the field of family and gender rights in PNG.

She's is currently the National Program co-ordinator for the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council.

Heather asked her what she felt when she first heard the story.

Presenter: Heather Jarvis

Speaker: Ume Wainetti, National Program co-ordinator for PNG's Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council

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